Green Pest Management

At Santiano Brothers we are constantly looking for alternative pest solutions that are environmentally friendly. A Green Integrated Pest Management Program has been developed to seek permanent solutions with the least amount of materials used.

Inspection – Communication – Education – Monitoring are the critical components of a successful Green Program.

Monitoring devices strategically placed at critical control points are inspected to create an early detection system.

To maintain a pest free and eco friendly environment constant communication and education between the client and service provider is essential.

A pro-active approach through mechanical exclusion (sealing pest entry points, rodent-proofing the exterior of a building) or building maintenance (proper cleaning, trimming/manicuring exterior plants, proper care for interior potted plants) will in most cases prevent an issue before it starts.

If your office building is looking to “Go Green” partner with Santiano Brothers to help you become LEED Certified!